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Interstellar Coach

Coaching for authoritative business experts who want to unlock their potential, scale their impact, and gain true freedom.

Hi — I'm Andrew

I’m here to help you…

  • 1 Unlock your potential
  • 2 Scale your positive impact - on your life, business, and the world
  • 3 Enjoy your work - get in the flow more often
  • 4 Gain more time for the people and things you love
  • 5 Move towards true freedom - Sounds airy fairy, right? Stick with me and you'll see.

It’s an incredible ambition.

But if we believe, talk, and grow together. We can make it happen.

Thanks for being here,

Andrew Bull
Interstellar Coach

It's for you if...

You're a business expert

You might specialise in Pricing, IT Systems, App Building, Cyber Security, Team Productivity, Motivation, or Organisational Culture.

You're an author (or aspiring author)

By this stage you've published your first book, or you're seriously considering putting pen to paper.

You want to scale your I.P. and authority

You know you could be helping more people, you're just not sure how.

You want to work less and achieve more

You want to put less in and get more out. You want more time with the family and less time hitting your head against the wall.

Your Vision

Some people only count their success in dollars. They value money over time. They sacrifice life for work.

And making a real impact isn’t their priority.

You’re not that person.

If you’re interested in this coaching it’s because you have a different vision.

You envision financial success… and the freedom to enjoy it.
Achieving your goals… and making a mark on the world.

Your vision:

Does this sound like you? If you said "YES", you must keep reading....

Andrew Bull, The Interstellar Coach

The BIG problem you can't ignore that's blocking your vision...

So you have the vision. And yet, something is holding you back…

Odds are, your BIG problem has to do with one (or more!) of the following:

So where do these problems stem from?

Keep reading and find out…

The myths And mental roadblocks getting in your way.

It’s easy to be self-sufficient these days. You can search for answers on Google. You have more information at your fingertips than you could ever want.

But there’s a difference between managing on your own, and actually reaching your full potential.

Because here’s the thing: thinking you can do everything by yourself is a trap.

Building a patchwork of knowledge is possible – but it costs big in time and energy.

Setting your own goals and KPIs is doable – but they often fall by the wayside without someone to hold you accountable.

On top of that, trying to do everything yourself is exhausting. With the right coaching and support, you can avoid burnout, stay on track, and achieve the life you want.

The time to act is now…

Look around you. The technology that’s taken over our lives has created an unprecedented level of noise. You can see it coming from all directions.

But it’s also created something else. An incredible opportunity.

Thanks to the emergence of online tools, it’s easier than ever to scale your authority whilst getting the support you need.

If you know how to use the technology in the right way, to connect with the right people… you can rise above the noise. You can give yourself a powerful advantage.

That’s why now is the time to act.

Leverage the tools at your disposal and you can turn your expertise and IP into a 24/7 revenue stream.

Which means more freedom. And a better work-life balance.

The trick is getting there – without burning out or losing confidence in yourself along the way.

For that, you need to focus on the right things.

What’s more valuable…?

Time, or money?

Reality is, time is the only thing that’s truly limited. You can’t earn back the time you spend.

That’s why you can’t afford to waste it looking for answers in the wrong places.

And it’s why saving money by not getting help is a false economy.

Time is slipping away, and the older you get, the faster it flies.

The best you can do is choose wisely how you spend it.

How are you spending yours?

Answer “Yes” if…

Are you ready to take it to the next level?

If you said yes to some or all of the above, then it’s clear that you want to be an authoritative expert in your field. One who gets maximum ROI from their intellectual property, who lives life on their own terms and lives to make an impact.

What do these types of experts do differently?

They see themselves as a brand.

Authoritative experts see themselves as more than individuals – they build themselves as brands, with consistent values and objectives.

Design the life they want.

They know what their ideal life looks like and they work to create it.

Surround themselves with high-performance individuals.

A rising tide lifts all boats, as the saying goes. That’s why authoritative experts put themselves in the same water as successful, high-performance individuals who will help them rise.

Cultivate a positive mindset.

Successful experts know that a positive mindset breeds positive behaviors – which are instrumental to growth.

Put strategies in place to keep themselves accountable.

Wise business experts know their own limitations. They know that they’ll be more accountable to their goals if there’s an external force keeping them on track.

Never stop learning.

Even the most seasoned experts know that there’s always more to learn. They’re not afraid to seek guidance and get help on their learning journey.

Who am I to be telling you this?

I’m the Interstellar Coach, Andrew Bull.

I’ve been there before. I’ve made mistakes. I’ve focused on the wrong things.

When I was younger, I valued status, hard work and financial success. But now that I’m older, I’ve learned to value time over money.

I now know that the secret to success and happiness is focusing on the process, not the end goal.

Because fulfilment is not something that happens when you reach a certain bank balance or job title.

Fulfilment is found in continual improvement on three paths: those of growth (both personal and business), workflow, and lifestyle.

I’ve found my life of fulfilment and freedom. And I’ve learned a lot along the way.

I want to use that knowledge to help you find yours.

Andrew Bull


Interstellar Coach

Coaching for authoritative business experts who want to unlock their potential, scale their impact, and gain true freedom.

There are two ways to be successful.

You can be successful on paper. You can have a good income – but no time to enjoy it.

Behind the scenes, you’re a slave to your work. It owns you. You’re not living life or doing the things you love, and you’re not making a deeper impact.

Or – you can be successful on your own terms. You can work smarter. You can make your IP work for you even while you’re sleeping.

You can have financial success and a better work-life balance.

You can find joy and fulfilment in the process of growth. And you can make your mark on the world around you.

Which would you prefer?

Key benefits

When you take part in our coaching programme, you can experience the following benefits.

The fastest way to get somewhere…

Is by knowing where you want to go. That’s why you need clear direction and purpose. And that’s where coaching can help.

Here's what you'll love

Coaching is delivered weekly. Here's what's included.

Weekly online training sessions.

Video coaching sessions that will help you scale your authority and unlock your potential.

Replay of coaching calls

Access to the information and guidance stays at your fingertips.

Transformative training

Training on business, workflow, and lifestyle topics that will transform the way you work and live.

Members only chat room

Ask and answer questions and contribute to a positive coaching community.

Monthly accountability calls

Keeping yourself accountable takes energy and willpower. I’ll keep you accountable so you can focus on the work itself.

Goals Setting and nudging

I’ll help you set the right goals and implement nudges so you stay on your path to freedom.

"If you won't change what you do, you won't change your results."

It's time for real change. It's time for the coaching you need.

What makes this coaching different

Interstellar.Coach isn’t focused on money creation…

It’s focused on helping you increase impact, contentment, happiness and freedom.

To do that we focus on three core pillars:

Growing Smarter​

Set better goals and gain clarity on your objectives. This training helps you unlock your potential and scale your authority, with a focus on increasing your capabilities and growing your confidence.

Working Smarter

Be more focused. Learn how to cut shallow work and repetitive tasks from your life and be more productive with satisfying deep work.

Living Smarter

Understand what makes you happy, and do more of it. Understand what freedom really is, and move towards it. Gain more time for the things and people you love, and find out what you need to do to live life on your own terms.

Want to do your best work, every time you work?

You do your best work when... you’re inspired, confident, and treading your path with purpose. Let Interstellar Coach put you in that mindset.

I believe that...

  • 1 Being an active member of a coaching group improves your performance and capabilities. That's why I'm a member of another coaching group that inspires me and keeps me learning. I believe we should all be open to getting help and assistance.
  • 2 Too many experts isolate themselves and waste precious time trying to piece together complex solutions by themselves. While good coaching might be an investment, it scales into insignificance compared to the amount of time we've all wasted in the past on bad concepts and ideas. But with that said…
  • 3 We should always focus on positive next steps. "What can I do next to move forward?" So while we may have wasted time working in isolation in the past, let’s not dwell on it. We must focus on a better way of growing, working, and living now. And I believe a good coaching group is that better way.
  • 4 The right coaching group not only unlocks your business and expert potential. It unlocks your life potential — helping you move forward with increased maturity, strength, and capability. It can give you the courage to do what's right for you — empowering you to make the positive impact you've always dreamt of making.

Andrew Bull

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